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Welcome to Water For People's Re-imagine Reporting (RIR), an online reporting platform that will help the organization manage, visualize, and reflect on data and reframe reporting as an opportunity to learn and improve so that we can achieve our mission of ending global water and sanitation poverty.

Important lessons and trends are often buried in the conventional written report and often these reports are only read once and by a handful of people. Instead, the information provided on the RIR platform will be publicly available to our donors and supporters. Moreover, in our efforts to provide water and sanitation to Everyone Forever, the platform will provide a more comprehensive view of what is happening in our country programs over time, so that our staff and peer organizations can better understand what is working and what is not, learn from our challenges, integrate Everyone Forever operational principles into their work and replicate our successes, and people can be better served everywhere.

What do we mean by Everyone Forever?

Reaching Everyone:
We won't rest until every family, every school, and every health clinic in the areas we work has access to improved water and sanitation. There are no exceptions to Everyone.

Leveraging Investment:
We ensure that investment in development is shared among the local government, the community, and other partners to address current as well as future challenges of water systems and services.

Achieving Forever:
We look beyond the work of installing hardware—tanks, pipes, pumps, and latrines—and focus on building local knowledge and institutional systems that support water and sanitation services Forever.

We commit to monitoring our work for at least 10 years after project implementation to ensure that communities have functioning water and sanitation services that meet the needs of the people they serve.

Replicating Success:
We strive to build upon the momentum of Everyone Forever so that its principles can be adopted by partners throughout the international development sector and governments to create sustainable wa­ter and sanitation services at a national level.

Together we will strive to make total access to improved water a perma­nent reality so that entire nations will never need an international development organization to address their water challenges in the future.


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Our measure for monitoring the percentage of the population with access to reliable water and sanitation.



Our measure of the likelihood of sustained access to reliable water and sanitation.

Welcome to the Re-Imagine Reporting Platform

On this platform, you'll find information, data, metrics and stories about our work toward ensuring that Everyone has water that lasts Forever in 30 districts around the world.

Everyone Forever Principles

Every Family, Every School and Every Clinic in targeted districts have reliable access to water and sanitation.

Communities and government must contribute finances that, linked with Water For People finances, lead to water and sanitation services for every family, school, and health clinic in targeted districts around the world. Everyone status is not only reached but sustained over time so that water and sanitation services are extended as populations grow and change in the targeted districts so that they no longer need international water and sanitation nonprofit organizations to help address their water and sanitation challenges. Watch Short Video

Everyone Forever is replicated in other districts without Water For People finance for hardware. Watch Short Video

Results on impact and outcomes are collected by Water For People (if not by others) for at least 10 years after Everyone status is attained in the targeted districts, and that monitoring systems are eventually embedded with local institutions.